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This amp is again based on the Hiwatt Custom 100 head but with special mods. A normal input, a brill input and also a special linked input where the gain of each channel can be dialled to suit. Bass, Treble, Presence and Master volume controls. 4 x EL34s, 4 Ecc83s. Original Partridge design transformers. Switchable 4,8 and 16 ohm output impedance. Available in 50w, 100w head and 2 x 12 combo configurations. Due to using a resistor matrix on the inputs for the mixing of the normal and bright channels, different component values are used to a standard Hiwatt amplifier and therefore there is no normal or high sensitivity inputs. However, when using the mixed input obviously the sum of these channels produce more gain for the second stage of the preamp. Dimensions for Head (Width x Depth x Height) and Weight (kg) 635 x 285 x 270 20Kg Dimensions for Combo (Width x Depth x Height) and Weight (kg) 555 x 285 x 535 27.5Kg

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