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Aper?u Everything else is just standard. Not plastic, metal. No muffled, mids-centric sound but tight low mids and present treble. No problem with feedback, spill or handling noise; instead, maximum flexibility for the voice: the e 835 is a solid choice for performers. Moderation and singing remain crystal clear and natural, even at varying distances from the capsule. Its extremely rugged construction and uncomplicated handling make the e 835 the first choice for rehearsal rooms, home recording or the stage. It has also become a top seller in its class everywhere that speech intelligibility is critical: lectures, presentations or conferences in auditoriums large and small alike. The S-version of the e 835 comes with a noiseless on/off switch. Caract?ristiques Dynamic cardioid microphone for speech and vocals with noiseless on/ off switch Cuts through high on-stage levels Clear reproduction with a high presence Consistent sound quality (varying distances, moving off axis) Handles high sound pressure levels Isolates handling noise, hum compensating coil Excellent feedback rejection Rugged metal housing Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans la bo?te ? 1 e 835 1 microphone clip 1 pouch Caract?ristiques techniques Dimensions ? 48 x 180 mm Connecteur XLR-3 Commutateur On/Off R?ponse en fr?quence 40.....16000 Hz Type de transducteur dynamic Poids Without cable: 330 g Directivit? cardioid Sensibilit? (champ libre, circuit ouvert, 1 kHz) 2,7 mV/Pa Imp?dance nominale 350 Ohm Imp?dance de charge minimale 1000 Ohm

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